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Keep Your Weight Off:
How to Steer Clear of Common Weight Gain Mistakes

You have finally succeeded in losing those last few stubborn pounds, and are celebrating your new body and new you. The battle to lose weight is a tough one to be sure, but the battle to keep weight off can be even more difficult. There is no need to ride the weight loss roller coaster ever again. In order to avoid regaining those pounds you worked so hard to lose, you only need implement a couple simple tips into your everyday routine, and you will be showing off that new body for years to come!

*** Avoid Former Fat Traps
You have now hit your weight loss goal, and may feel inclined to ease up on your strict fitness regimen. Many people fall back into old patterns that they do not think to associate with negative eating habits and weight gain. Before you began your fitness plan, did you meet friends in the morning for muffins and lattes? Did you have Friday night pizza nights with your family? It will be tempting to return to familiar patterns once you have achieved weight loss goals. The trouble is, the calories from muffins and slices of pepperoni will slowly creep up on you, and your weight will begin to come back. You deserve to be rewarded for your weight loss success, you just need to be extremely conscious of how often and how much you are rewarding yourself. Former fat traps need not be avoided altogether, simply try to adjust what you eat to fit your healthy new lifestyle.

*** Stay Committed
Weight loss and weight maintenance go hand in hand. The skills and techniques you employed into your every day life throughout your quest to lose weight should still remain a part of your routine once you have achieved your goals. Be just as committed to maintaining your weight as you were to shedding pounds. Keep in mind what you have learned about portion control, the danger of your particular trigger foods, and the importance of exercise. If your scale does begin to creep up, don't get frustrated. Remind yourself that you can and did lose weight, and keeping it off just requires that same commitment. Start watching your meals, increase your exercising, and re-commit yourself to being the healthy and happy person you know you can be.

*** Avoid Stress at All Costs
It is common knowledge that for most people, stress often triggers overeating or unhealthy eating. Many people use food as a source of comfort when they are feeling unhappy or upset. Think back on all of those times you cried into a pint of ice cream or felt an entire bag of Doritos was justified by the big fight you just had with a co-worker. Daily exercise is a great way to reduce stress and quell your impulses to sit on the couch and eat. There are other stress-relieving options such as yoga, massages, or even a warm bath. Figure out what works best for you to reduce your stress and calm your nerves. Try to avoid stress at all costs, but if you do happen to start feeling anxious, angry, or sad, you will be armed with a healthy defense against your stress that does not include high-calorie foods.

*** Enjoy Yourself
While these tips may seem tough, one of the most important keys to remember in maintaining your weight is to enjoy yourself. You have become a new person, and you deserve to enjoy your success. Reward yourself with a new wardrobe, a manicure, or a trip to a sunny destination. Remind yourself how far you have come, and think of all the fun and exciting things you can do with your new, healthy body. Engage in outdoor activities or host a dinner party serving all of the new, healthy and delicious dishes you have learned to cook over the course of your weight loss journey. Being healthy is about having more energy to have the fun you deserve. Remember this and take advantage of all of the enjoyment you have earned.

Congratulate yourself on your newfound weight loss, and keep these tips in mind to remain the svelte, healthy person you have become!